Your Kid’s Allergic to WHAT?: Our FPIES Journey

So, this was originally a Facebook post to inform, and thank, certain family and friends. I’ve edited to bring everyone up to speed. Full disclosure: if you’re eating, save and come back after you’re done. Thanks for reading!


If you know my eldest daughter, you know she’s a happy, inquisitive, robust, healthy kid! You probably also know about our discovery of her food allergies, and what that’s meant to us as a family. At 6-months-old, she had a terrifying bout of vomiting that sent us straight to the hospital. After 2 more instances, a community of moms pointed me towards the term FPIES, and it changed our whole lives, from the way we all eat, to the way we parent. Seriously! Since then, we’ve discovered our second daughter has something similar (Food Protein-Induced Proctocolitis [FPIP], or Allergic Proctocolitis [AP], depending on who you ask), and is reacting through my breastmilk (evidence, because even the professionals aren’t up-to-date). At the moment, FPIP entails pooping mucous and blood if I have certain foods, but we’ll tackle that in another post.

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